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Edgewood - Karen McQuestion


Originally posted here on April 30, 2016



I'm happy to have read this. Especially seeing as how I'm a virgin (again) when it comes to all things in the review world. This is a really great novel. The book description is already great, but trust me, the novel is astoundingly better. I'm happy to have gotten the chance to read Edgewood by Karen McQuestion (even her name is catchy hehe).

The main characters grow on you from the very beginning: Russ Becker, the protagonist; to his love interest, Mallory; the rude-boy, Jameson; and the shy (for a reason) Nadia. The story unfolds as Russ learns his unique ability after the strange "astronomical" event happens to him, and how he gels with the rest of the teens as he plays catch-up to learning how to use his newfound powers. As the plot develops, an organisation called the Associates (who apparently want world domination) and another called the Praetorian Guard (who apparently want to stop the Associates) comes into the picture. I liked the fact that you, as the reader, doesn't really know whom exactly the evil ones are (kinda), which adds an element of mystery and intrigue in the book. The dialogue and actions of the main characters were believable for their ages, and the action scenes appropriate for the targeted age range.

An issue for me however was how Russ treated his nephew, Frank, at times. Though at the end he became a better uncle at least. Frank's mum (Russ' sister, Carly) was also a pain until she stormed into a room like a banshee to what she thought was saving the day. I can't remember the last time I went from disliking a character to loving them in just a few pages (zero to one-hundred real fast!). Finally, to what I thought was a mild plot error, Nadia could track Russ when he was in an unknown location but couldn't seem to do the same when he took a walk outside his house in the nigh?!. Perhaps this means that Russ is getting more powerful? A reader can only hope!

Overall, this was a fun and exciting read, which took less time for me to finish than you could say, "I want the next in the series!" Not only that, but I believe more mature readers would enjoy this book. I sure did!

Would I recommend it? Most definitely!
Would I read it again? Absolutely!
When my daughter Leia reaches an appropriate age would I let her read it? Without a doubt!

That's why I give this book a 4/5 in my ratings. Now, go out there and grab yourselves a copy!

My Favourite Lines
The field beyond glowed with fragments of something, like someone had tipped over a charcoal grill the size of a water tower. The embers glowed blue and gold, beautiful like jewels. I got closer and noticed the glowing chunks were different sizes but that overall they formed a swirling pattern that covered the entire field. ----> I liked the imagery described here. A lot.

As if not hearing me, she continued the discussion, going in a different direction entirely. I've noticed that girls do this a lot. ----> This statement just shows how funny some of the characters are. Karen McQuestion catches this really well.

I held my hands firmly against him and focused all my thoughts and energy on the connection between us. We were two separate people linked now by skin and bone and blood and energy. ----> Another wonderful description.

"We create the reality we want to believe. One child thinks he has the meanest parents in the world. His brother thinks they're strict but fair. Which one is right? Is the second one downplaying it or is the first one a whiner? So much of life depends on your perspective." ----> I found this philosophical enough for a young adult to mull over. Great!

Source: http://www.markbenjaminbooks.com/my-journal/book-review-edgewood